Frequently asked questions about the ePages Theme Store

I purchased a theme, but I did not receive the e-mail with the theme attached.

Please check your spam folder. If you did not receive the mail, please contact us at themes.support@epages.com.

Where can I see previews of the themes?

For a better view of the themes, you can visit our demo shops.

· Runway: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme01.sf
· Adventure: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme02.sf
· Simple: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme03.sf
· Vanilla: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme04.sf
· Sky: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme05.sf
· Lookbook: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme07.sf
· Sweet: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme08.sf
· Highrise: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme09.sf
· Loft: www.epagesdemo.de/epages/theme10.sf

We do not offer trial versions of the themes.

Will setting up the theme also affect the shop’s administration area?

No, your shop’s administration area will not be affected.

Does purchasing a theme affect the monthly fee of my shop?

No, it is a single purchase.

Is it possible to customise the theme?

The new themes offer the same customisation features as the other themes. In order to change fonts and colours, you can use the Quick design or Advanced design in your shop’s administration area without limitations.
Changes in the position of page elements (e.g. the search field) as well as adding new page elements is possible but not recommended, since the exact positioning can't be guaranteed.
We do not recommend using custom CSS, because this could affect your shop’s design in a negative way.
Please note that any changes that are not mentioned in the theme’s documentation are done on your own behalf.

Can I use the theme I purchased for more than one shop?

If you would like to use a theme for multiple shops, you need to purchase the legal right to do so by buying the theme multiple times.

Any other questions?

Take a look at the dedicated documentation for your theme: