How to setup a theme

A step by step guide for your new shop design

Check your emails

We will send you an email containing a file with your purchased theme.

Save the file

You need to save the file to your computer and unpack it to be able to install it.

Create a backup of your current shop theme

If you are already using another theme in your shop, please create a backup of it before installing the new theme. A backup can be created in your shop's administration area under Design >> My themes.

Import the theme

Import the theme file in the administration area by selecting Import theme under Design >> My themes. If you want to overwrite your home page's content, we also recommend creating a backup of your current home page content. Further details on this step are described in the theme documentation.

Adjust the theme

After the installation of the new theme, you can adjust the content for the new design - for example by replacing images or making layout adjustments. For these changes, the theme documentation will guide you through this process step by step.?

Activate the theme

If you have checked the preview of your theme and all changes have been made, you can activate your theme by selecting Activate theme under Design >> My themes. After that, your customers can enjoy the new design of your shop.

Take advantage of the Theme Setup Service

Let us handle the installation of your newly purchased theme. After discussing with you via phone, we will take care of backups as well as design and content adjustments based on your previously used design.